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Brain Injury

Geisler Law Firm - Brain Injury Lawyer, Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas

A traumatic brain injury is an injury to the brain caused by the head being hit by something or shaken violently. This injury can change how a person acts, moves, and thinks. A traumatic brain injury can also change how a student learns and acts in school. A traumatic brain injury can cause changes in one or more areas, such as:

  • thinking and reasoning
  • understanding words
  • remembering things
  • paying attention
  • solving problems
  • thinking abstractly
  • talking
  • behaving
  • walking and other physical activities
  • seeing and/or hearing
  • learning

Brain injuries often occur as a result of auto collisions, falling objects, on the job incidents, violent assaults and recreational accidents.

When the Geisler Law Firm takes your personal injury case, they work to:

  • Investigate the cause of the incident that resulted in brain injury
  • Discover who might have been responsible
  • Explore all possible resources of financial help such as victims' compensation funds or veterans' benefits
  • Consult with medical care professionals to determine what the victim's future needs will be

If you have suffered brain injury cases in Dallas-Ft. Worth metroplex or anywhere in Texas, please contact us.

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